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When you date a sailor you will experience marine life, marine islands, beautiful ports and the thrill of depending on each other.  No other travel gives you experiences, romance and the opportunity to relationship build. This is a great way to travel for singles. So how do you date a sailor?

First enhance your experience by optimizing your dock appeal:

  • Throw out the high heels, starch collars and tuxedos  and bring on the sunscreen, bathing suit and sunglasses. This is a real date.
  • Bring deck shoes and pack for the weather but pack light. Remember space is limited on a boat. Captain Bernie says “minimize the baggage, both physical and emotional.”  The best thing you can offer is a happy smile.
  • Share in the enjoyment of sailing, cooking, fishing, swimming and becoming team mates.
  • Skippers are happy to show you the ropes and teach you basic knots. It will help to tie the final knot!
  • Before launching into a long cruise, enjoy a few shore or dock dates, to get to know more about your partner and his or her needs… Find out and share information about swimming skills or fish allergies, not just about the boat.  This is something you will need to know before jumping in. Is your date adventurous? Is the interest platonic, racing or romantic?  Learn about the boat, paddle board or the dingy and chart how far you want to go.
  • Try a few day trips. When you can anchor together with confidence, then you are giving each other the right signals.
  • Learn to communicate. For beginners, nautical language can be confusing but fun to learn. Learning to communicate under sail comes naturally. Don’t be offended when asked to bear down, it means turning away from the wind.  Broad beam means…well nothing personal. Experienced sailors especially enjoy teaching when there is an enthusiastic romantic interest.

Now find a sailor:

  • Dating a sailor is easy if you can find one!  Any generic dating site will give you thousands of “potential” partners, but after looking at hundreds of landlubbers, you’ll be no closer to finding your sail mate.  gives you access to an armanda of friends with all types of water interests. Finding a sailor just got easier!



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