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we connect you with the perfect mate to cruise with

Welcome to Cruising Match, where we connect you with the perfect mate to cruise with. Our site uses leading edge technology to match sailing partners. Cruising Match started in the West Coast of British Columbia. As we set sail, we came into contact with boaters looking for companionship or just for crew and those without boats wanting to find mates who love being on the water. There was a need to develop this site where this community could  engage with each other.  We are a niche connection site with the goal of making quality matches. Cruising match.com is set to launch in 2016, and is open to people who are looking for cruising and  romance on the open seas.  Our free membership level gives you access to our community. When you have found the perfect mate and are ready to connect simply choose a membership level that suites you.


Our Team

Beverly de Jong

Captain (Owner & Creator) I have just discovered the world of the sea on the West Coast of B.C. This is the dream life: sailing to marine islands only accessible by water with an abundance of sea life, beautiful sunsets, BBQs, shellfish, and the most interesting of anchorages. I also found many people who already knew  the joys of the ocean and people who  have boats without partners to share the experience. My friends said  “Bev can you find me a man with a boat? I just love boating.”  Or more simply “I love boats and I love men” Of course there were also the boat owners who wanted a crew-mate. So I decided to create this site so that people who share this love can find love.  It’s a love love situation.

Paula de Jong

Deck Hand  (Marketing Director, Business Adviser) A brilliant and successful business owner and  marketer for many businesses.

Mintstone Web Solutions

From our background in developing big business software, principally for the banking sector, our focus has now shifted towards providing web based solutions for small businesses. With our experience comes the ability to produce robust software and understand development life-cycles, from gathering business requirements, building, testing, implementing and supporting the final solution. Our goals are to enable smaller businesses and non-profit organizations to benefit from having access to a higher quality of software development, and hence provide them with web based solutions at a price that is within budget. All the technical skills we provide are in house, ensuring high quality work and continuity with maintenance and support. Although we strive to make sure that all the software we provide can be supported by other developers within the community, our goal is to maintain ongoing relationships with our clients.





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