How do I use the site and get the most out of my on-line presence?

Improving your on line presence all starts with your profile.  All of your tools: Activity, Profile, Notifications, Messages Forums and Groups and more can be found and edited in your profile page right under your photo. First make sure that your profile represents who you are and what you want.

Your first Impression is made with a good photo. Click on the image and upload your photo. This will start the site functioning for you. A natural head shot with a sharp resolution gives the first impression. If necessary use the cropping tool to pick the face. Remember you can change this whenever you like!

Now you can go to the profile link under the photo and add to your information so that people can know you better. Here you should take the opportunity to edit your profile being sure to describe yourself more fully in the “about me” section which shows up prominently beside your profile You will also see that here (under your profile picture) you can add albums, pictures, and videos to your profile. Do it! It all helps to add interest and to introduce yourself in the best light.

Groups and forums are the best way to get to know each other and personal interests. Engage with other members this way These discussions provide some safety in knowing about the people with whom you choose to make connections. Share your sailing and boating experiences in the West Coast Group and pick another group which suites the relationship level which you are comfortable with. This way you will find out if you are both looking for the same level of commitment.

Start forums about that which interests you.

We all make the site what it is.

How do I Send and Receive Messages ?

 Send a friendship request by clicking “add friend”

Sending messages- you will see the links to private and public messages under each profile.

Receiving messages -You will have an e-mail notice of friendship requests with a link. Or when you log in to your profile page and scan down you will see notifications and messages.. This is your personal dashboard. You will find everything  you need under these links. “Messages” has are all of your saved messages. Only you can open your private messages. So first open messages to show the list and then click on the message there that you would like to open. 

How do I update my profile information, add photos and other media?

Log in takes you to your profile page. Under your picture there are links which allow you to add or change information.

Why do I keep getting redirected to the member’s levels page?

If you have registered but not chosen a level you will need to select your free or paid member level in order to use the site.

When you message a member and you have not upgraded to a paid subscription you will be directed to the member’s levels in order to select your desired level.

How do I stop receiving e-mail notifications?

If you not longer want to receive notification from Cruising match when you receive a message from another Cruising Match user or when another user adds you as a favorite, you may turn these notifications off through mail settings. Under your photo click on  settings Click on e-mail and Follow the prompts to choose which e-mail notices you want to receive or not.

What happens when I cancel a membership?

When you cancel a membership you will be billed until the end of the term agreed upon.one month.  You may use your profile or hide it until the end of the subscription term.

What if I just want crew?

You can find matches for captains and crew or for romance. All categories can be found through high tech linking. All crew will be linked in that category as well as matched with your preference.

Is my information secure?

Cruising Match protects your information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This makes sure that the transmission of any sensitive information is encrypted and protected at all times. Never post e-mail addresses or phone umbers publicly and pick an anonymous name as your user name when signing up at cruisingmatch.




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