The new dating site, Cruising Match is for everyone who wants to find or to be crew or mate. This Is the best boaters dating site  for water lovers to meet water lovers. boaters meet boaters.  At Cruising Match you  can find like minded partners.  There are many sailors, fishermen and other boaters looking for help on board or a mate and people wanting to meet them. If you want to be part of this community this site was made for you.  At Cruising Match you will be able to talk privately to other members,  share photos, and join forums and discussion groups. If you want  a long term relationship you can become active in “Off Shore Journey”  or if you want fun on the water get active in the “Just Cruising” group. There are 6 groups and open discussions which you can join in. This is the safest way to learn about a potential cruising mates before jumping into a long  Caribbean cruise on their boat.  Lunch in the galley and a day trip would be a great start for any romance.  It is all possible .The site has the ability to match peoples needs and desires.  The community is of all water loving people with or without a boat. From sailors to kite-boarders everyone can  talk about their West Coast experiences, and share pictures  If you like fishing or diving you can start a forum and  Invite friends to share their experiences as well. when you become a member, you  can do all of this for free. But even better you can start talking privately to other members. That is what you really want. When you are done fishing and ready to connect by sending personal messages between each other-only then do you become a paid member. This keeps the quality of exchanges high and gives paid  members exclusive access to both matching free There is a nominal fee for that service so join a paid level and get started. Contact information remains confidential and is private until you personally decide to share your information with a potential partner. If you are new to the internet dating you will find that Bev has posted safe dating for mariners  which you will find under the Community menu.  The owner, Bev wanted to help her friends who wanted to get a man with a boat and the site was created for that purpose. It is SSL secured and easy to use. Remember when you join post your photo for the best experience. For the luxury cruisers the Yacht Club is an exclusive membership which gives confidence in knowing that you have  access to quality and serious partners. Yacht club members can view all profiles, and make contact. However  they  will only be contacted by members of the yacht club. The whole experience is up to you.  And as a special luxury for members, The Treasure Chest presents one of a kind luxury nautical jewelry for the special someone whom you find.  Be sure to visit it for boaters gifts.
You can Test the Waters on our site for free as there are no fees to register, search members, view or maintain a profile on You  have the ability to join groups, enter written discussion forums and share your experiences on and off the water.

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