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 Artists New Business Venture in Sailing

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

” Announcing- the canvas of my life is expanding to include inspirations from my new passion, sailing.  Art is part of my life. Sailing is part of my life.”  Bev de Jong. I want to share the thrill of sailing. For this reason I started Cruising Match for anyone looking for the perfect help mate to sail with.  Washing  off the dust of daily living starts with finding the right helpmate.

Are you looking for a cruising partner?  Get help.  Finding and identifying the best options for crew, captain or a sail-mate is the expertise of Cruising Match.

Find a Sail-Mate in 2017



We both know that time spent trimming sails, at the helm, and investigating new shores can be a great experience with an amiable well-suited partner. On the other hand an ill-matched partner can make it hell on high waters. Consequently many any of my friends want help in finding a great mate to sail with.  In the words of Alexander Dale Oen “Nothing comes sailing by itself.” Of course navigating the dating scene can be just as dangerous as not knowing how to read the navigational aids on water. I need a chart for the rocks, to know which way the winds blow and as much information as possible before venturing out of a safe port. This means absolute reliance on my helpmate is essential!

This is why I started Cruising Match, a high tech matching program designed to find the right potential partners for sailors.   Photos and profiles for sailing enthusiasts are part of the site. You can be part of  group discussions, forums before making friend connections. All of this a safe dating adventure, saving you  time, money and rocky encounters. SSl security and the best designers I could find make this a safe and in depth site. It is an inexpensive way to meetup. Cruising Match also gives you the option of joining an exclusive Yachting Club for those who to be found only by others in this group. Together this site can become what you need.

Find your sail-mate and create a daily life adventure. Since 2017 starts soon, get on it now for great  summer sailing.  Art and life become one.

To keep the winter dust off my soul I make luxury nautical jewelry inspired by my cruises for sale on the site.

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